"KA.F.KA" is the band formed by Masami Tsuchiya suddenly in June, 2013.

 The first announcement LIVE of his new band KA.F.KA was held in Tokyo in January, 2014. This LIVE was the unheard-of debut LIVE in the situation  that has no original tunes as the band.


The members of this mysterious band are...

Issay (Der Zibet) on vocal, Ken Morioka(ex. Soft Ballet)on Key boards, Motokatsu Miyagami(ex. Mad Capsule Markets)on drums and Koji Ueno(ex. THEE MICHELLE GUN ELEPHANT)on bass guitar .

Needless to say, Masami Tsuchiya on guitar.

The birth of the dream super band.


Masami Tsuchiya


Koji Ueno

Ken Morioka